Debre Zebit

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Debre Zebit
Debre Zebit is located in Ethiopia
Debre Zebit
Debre Zebit
Location in Ethiopia
Coordinates: 11°49′N 38°35′E / 11.817°N 38.583°E / 11.817; 38.583
Country Ethiopia
Region Amhara Region
Zone Semien Wollo Zone
Elevation 2,928 m (9,606 ft)
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)

Debre Zebit is a village in northern Ethiopia. Located in the Semien Wollo Zone of the Amhara Region, about 240 kilometres north of Addis Ababa, this village has a latitude and longitude of 11°49′N 38°35′E / 11.817°N 38.583°E / 11.817; 38.583Coordinates: 11°49′N 38°35′E / 11.817°N 38.583°E / 11.817; 38.583 and an elevation of 2928 meters above sea level. The Central Statistical Agency has not published an estimate for this village's 2005 population. It is one of three towns in Meket woreda.

Debre Zebit was the location of the Battle of Anchem, on 31 March 1930 between (then) Ras Teferi's forces under the command of Dejazmach Mulugeta Yeggazu (which consisted of 20,000 riflemen with 6 cannons and about 30 machine guns) over those of Ras Gugsa Welle (consisting of 10,000 riflemen with 2 cannons and about 10 machine guns). Ras Gugsa was defeated and killed.[1]


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